Naked by Megan Hart

No strings. No regrets. And no going back.

I didn’t think he wanted me. And I wasn’t about to get involved with him, not after what I’d heard. Sure, Alex Kennedy was tall, dark and unbearably hot, but I’ve been burned before. When I solicited him to model for my erotic photography book, I didn’t expect such a heated, passionate photo session. And now that we’ve crossed that line, our bodies aren’t the only things that have been exposed.

But I can’t give my heart to a man who’s so… unconventional. His last sexual relationship was with a married couple. It’s enough that my ex-fiancé preferred men, I can’t take that chance again no matter how much my body thrives on Alex’s touch. I can’t risk it, but I can’t resist it, either.

Alex can be very convincing when he wants something.

And he wants me.

First of all, I have read this book before I even came across Tempted and somehow, I still haven’t created any connection with Alex. The two books are interconnected and they pretty much focus on the life of Alex BUT the funny thing is that, we never get to know him that much. We basically just depended on the perception of the person he was currently having sex with. The POVs are from other people and yet the author wants to tell us it’s all about him. Oh geez.

Naked is simply about Olivia. That’s it. No expounding on Alex’ part because it’s all about Olivia and her problems.

“It’s okay to struggle to find our place in this world and the person who will take us for who and what we are. Sometimes we dress ourselves in layers that only get peeled away in the end, to leave us as we should be.” 

It was actually surprising to learn it’s interracial. It may sound lame but it was my first time to read a book with a black woman/white male and it came out as a plus brownie points to me coz it’s not everyday I read books with such pairing.

This book is just confusing and disappointing. Olivia’s character is just everywhere and by that I mean, she’s a mess. She’s confused with everything. Her feelings, herself, the world and it drove me nuts coz it seemed as if nothing is resolved or they came out as too petty for me to even be find them as problems.

The only thing I like is the whole taking pictures of Alex, you know, the works Olivia makes with the camera. It’s just so sensual, feels so intimate for me that at some point it was as if they were having sex. That’s how hot I think it was.

I’m guessing I would’ve liked this book if it was in Alex’s POV. At least we could all get a slice of Alex’s thoughts for once.

Can’t say much about this book coz it didn’t leave any BANG feeling for me.