Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

The first night after Caroline moves into her fantastic new San Francisco apartment, she realizes she’s gaining an intimate knowledge of her new neighbor’s nocturnal adventures. Thanks to paper-thin walls and the guy’s athletic prowess, she can hear not just his bed banging against the wall but the ecstatic response of what seems (as loud night after loud night goes by) like an endless parade of women. And since Caroline is currently on a self-imposed dating hiatus, and her neighbor is clearly lethally attractive to women, she finds her fantasies keep her awake even longer than the noise. So when the wallbanging threatens to literally bounce her out of bed, Caroline, clad in sexual frustration and a pink baby-doll nightie, confronts Simon Parker, her heard-but-never-seen neighbor. The tension between them is as thick as the walls are thin, and the results just as mixed. Suddenly, Caroline is finding she may have discovered a whole new definition of neighborly… In a delicious mix of silly and steamy, Alice Clayton dishes out a hot and hilarious tale of exasperation at first sight…

I really love a good love-hate relationship, I think its what makes a relationship interesting and of course, it’s just so cute to see arguments between the two main characters and how they’d eventually work things up into something more than just hate. It spice things up, you know. The irritation and frustration towards each other just build up that they just wanna shut each other up with a kiss. Obviously, relationships like this always have sexual tension going on.

“Fucking Wallbanger,” I hissed, frozed on the spot. His grin slid off as well as he played place-the-face for a moment. “Fucking Pink Nightie Girl.”

This book made me laugh a couple of times in the first few chapters of it. I love the interaction between Caroline and Simon. They just have that chemistry going on between them that’s why they just work together. They have different personalities and c’mon, its never tiring to see some guy irritate the hell out of a girl on purpose, but of course, in a good way though. The arguments between them aren’t frustrating but rather funny.

The bad thing here is that, when they came to just forget the fights and all, I’ve noticed that Simon’s personality and badass attitude that I came to like in the beginning just went flying outta the window.

Overall, this one came for me as very light and humourous even though it’s pretty much predictable. It’s something most of us would like to read. I enjoyed some parts of it but I’m pretty sure that without the banters, it wouldn’t be too interesting to read.