Lucy and Owen meet somewhere between the tenth and eleventh floors of a New York City apartment building, on an elevator rendered useless by a citywide blackout. After they’re rescued, they spend a single night together, wandering the darkened streets and marveling at the rare appearance of stars above Manhattan. But once the power is restored, so is reality. Lucy soon moves to Edinburgh with her parents, while Owen heads out west with his father.

Lucy and Owen’s relationship plays out across the globe as they stay in touch through postcards, occasional e-mails, and — finally — a reunion in the city where they first met.

A carefully charted map of a long-distance relationship, Jennifer E. Smith’s new novel shows that the center of the world isn’t necessarily a place. It can be a person, too.

I have been in a long distance relationship for like a year and a half now so maybe that’s why at some point I was able to appreciate this story and its sentiments. I have voiced out my opinion towards This is what happy looks like and it turned out to be This is what boring looks like to me. It was pretty much harsh but it spoke truth on my part. Jennifer E. Smith’s books have made quite a buzz which made the cat curious.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

When I learned what this story is all about I was keen to know how she’d be able to pull it all off. I mean, they’re basically strangers, they only met once and apparently that meeting turned out be like sparks flying. And as you may all notice that’s the starting point of all J.Smith’s story. What I was looking forward to was how they’d be able to develop a relationship with such little and inconsistent communication with each other. Their means of communication was through postcards and emails which isn’t exactly an ideal way to use when you’re in a long distance relationship so it got me saying, I wanna know more. I feel like this is some sort of a good challenge for the protagonists. How would they work this all out considering Lucy moved out all of a sudden to a new country?

“How long could a single night really be expected to last? How far could you stretch such a small collection of minutes?”

It was all of a sudden. It was like, they suddenly met and then they suddenly just went apart from each other. And those all happened in the first few chapters of the story. It’s like we were forced to love and admire a relationship or couple with such little amount of moments between them. And that was such a challenge for us too because we had to decide whether we wanna move forward with this story or not and I’m proud that a lot have taken the challenge like me.

“There was no point in waiting for someone who hadn’t asked, and there was no point in wishing for something that would never happen.”

As much as I doubt the postcards and emails as being effective means of communication I have found it quite more endearing, more intimate and more meaningful than receiving texts. I’m not against texting or calling, I mean, my boyfriend do that a lot but I don’t know, postcards and emails just screams effort to me. And you get to have something from that person you love that you can keep. I mean, you’d be able to hold postcards, it’s cute and with the emails, not everyone is bold enough to use them nowadays but you know, its cute too and its different. Its like bringing the old times back. You know what I mean? But hey, when you’re in a long distance relationship, every means of communication is important and special to you.

“Maybe they were never meant to have more than just one night. After all, not everything can last. Not everything is supposed to mean something.”

What I also love about this book is that, there was no instant love between the characters. The relationship they have are a product of a challenged long distance friendship.

The character aren’t very dynamic. There was little development. I love how they were introduced and how I was able to learn so much about them, their relationship with their family and how they dealt with issues surrounding them. The idea of them having different relationship with other people was nice. I felt like it helped a lot for them to actually work on what they felt towards each other and to finally come terms to what they have between them.

“When there was nothing but space between you, everything felt like a leap.”

The story is obviously fluffy, just cute and romantic in a very light way kind of a contemporary. It’s not exactly life-changing, it doesn’t make you wanna have a Long Distance Relationship with anyone but I can guarantee you that it’s a quick read you’d definitely love and enjoy. It may not be the kind of book that would stick with you but it’s definitely worth the shot.