Miniso Mini Haul

MINISO JAPAN is the newest favourite store for all things kawaii. It has all sorts of knick-knacks that you can choose from – clothes, accessories and whole lot more. It is basically Uniqlo and Japan Home combined. Plus, it is outrageously affordable so you are getting more than what you paid for. So when it first opened here in Manila, I didn’t waste my time.

Below are some of the makeup products I got:


This Gel Eyeliner wasn’t in the plan but I’ve always wanted to own one and since it’s so cheap (It’s P199. I know!), I wasn’t able to resist getting it.

I just didn’t understand the packaging. It looks like as if what inside is a bottle or something. It doesn’t make much sense to me because I think the whole point of having this kind box is to just make room for the eyeliner brush.


It’s quite very pigmented at first. Small amount could go a long way. But I feel like it’s too watery. I applied it and it didn’t have the consistency that I expected. When it turns to dry, it kinda fades away.

I seriously hate this brush because I tried using it but it didn’t work as planned. It didn’t give me a precise and on fleek wing but rather, it turned out to be messy. It’s obviously not the right brush for eyeliners. It’s not thin and it would much rather be fit to be an eye shadow applicator.


I also got me a mascara. It’s supposed to be a waterproof-strong-hold-kind of a mascara. I only have used it once but I gotta tell you, it’s amazing. The brush is so light like it could easily bend. It glides on my lashes perfectly. It really does lengthen it and it doesn’t make my lashes clump. Although it would be nice if it could give my lashes an added volume too.

When I washed my face (I forgot to use a makeup remover first, sorry), it didn’t run down easily, it did not give me much black eye bags and I was able to remove the mascara completely by lightly pulling it off from my lashes. It’s actually like removing glue on your skin, literally. I actually preferred it more than the other waterproof mascara I’ve used because this one is a real waterproof one.


This is my most favourite of all the products that I bought. This is like a Holy Grail for me. This makeup remover is water base and I am simply in love with it. The fact that it’s water base it does not feel greasy. It smells like soap, actually and it glides perfectly on the skin (if that makes any sense).

It completely removes any signs of makeup. I’ve experienced some makeup removers that just don’t work but this one really does. It can remove stubborn makeup products. I’m using Nichido mascara and it does not remove easily but when I used this, one swipe and it’s all gone. It’s the kind of magic that I’ve always been looking for in a makeup remover.


Last but definitely not the least, I got lippies! I am the kind of person that can never leave a makeup store without buying a lipstick. It’s like a sick beautiful habit. Lol.

What I love about these lipsticks are the consistency and how pigmented they are. And c’mon, I found one of the perfect nudes and pinkish, coral one. I’m in love.

The nude one looks so good on me. I’m a morena or lightly tanned skin and it works for me. There are nude lipsticks that are hard to match on my skin tone so I was really happy to finally found this one.

And the coral one matches my skin too. It’s perfect for when I just wanna go hangout with my friends or have a few drinks and stuff. It’s flirty and fun.

The packaging is so cute. It reminds me of a lego. I don’t know why.

What just turns me off on these is the smell. They smell like chemical. I hate it so much. I can smell the chemical whenever I put it on but I’m just so glad that it does not stick when it’s applied because it would really piss me off bigtime to smell chemical on my lips wherever I go.




True Queen Waterproof Eyeliner – P199.00
Lipstick Pink – P199.00
Lipstick Nude – P199.00
Strong Curling Lasting Mascara – P99.00
Makeup Remover – P149.00

Total = P845.00


Level 2, Padre Faura Wing
Robinsons Place Manila