Saturday Brunch at Leann's Tea House

“Food tastes better when you eat with your friends.”

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that craves for Korean food every now and then. But the thing is, going Korean doesn’t always scream “cheap”. That’s why it was a great relief to finally found affordable restaurants around the Metro that doesn’t dig holes in our pockets.

It was actually the first time I’ve seen my best friend again after we graduated from college and that was like, months ago. We’re not like the other Bffs that splurge too much on food or travel. We rarely go out to eat and shop and whenever we do, we really make sure that we spend our money wisely. So, yes, you can call us buzzkills or “kuripot” but that’s just us and besides, we spent our first salary here. Well, not all of it, of course.


Leann’s Tea House is not your mainstream Korean restaurant. When I first saw it on a food website, I thought it was a typical Chinese tea house. It doesn’t really sound Korean to me and it didn’t entice me on the first glance either. We were actually considering a place where we can just hangout and chitchat, and she was really persistent to find a place where there’s milkshake. I had quite a few restaurants that I was considering apart from it but what made me wanna push the idea of dining here was the good reviews. It’s not just about looking for an artsy or instagram-worthy or a popular kind of a restaurant, I’m pretty focused on the taste of the food, the services and if the prices are reasonable. Compared to the other restaurants that it was in competition with, it really captured a lot of customers because as far as I can remember, I didn’t read any bad reviews about it.

We had a little hard time searching for it in the city because it’s not a restaurant that stands out too much. It’s actually like a hidden treasure that you really have to look closely in order to find it. It was kind of a turnoff for me when we reached it because there is not much parking space available even though they said that they have a private parking. I know that I only got to park my car that time because we went there before lunch time. And there was only one space available.

The facade is too small that’s why I believe they have small parking space. Going inside, it’s a small space too, there’s a group table in the corner, almost too close to the stairs which is not good and there wasn’t any staff that welcomed us. We actually thought we weren’t in the right place because we didn’t see much tables and we actually had to call out to someone to help us out. Apparently, there’s a much bigger room upstairs which houses more tables. The stairs is too steep for me.

When we came upstairs, there was like few people, actually just a small group. So, we were able to choose a good spot. We actually didn’t expect it to be almost empty because I saw on the website that we have to make a reservation because it’s always packed. It wasn’t a bad thing actually. We preferred it more to be almost empty.

The place is nice. It’s cozy and it feels like home. I can’t explain why but it sure does. The waiter was accommodating and nice. My best friend and I were quite loud during that time, we were laughing like crazy, you know, typical best friends catching up and not once did he make us stop or showed a sign of annoyance. Plus, after the group ate, we were alone. So, yay!


There’s not much food to choose from but that’s alright because it made it easy for us too pick. If there were many choices, we would probably take too long deciding.

We ordered the foods that are recommended by the people that dined there before. They had a few appetizers. There was a small serving of mashed potato, kimchi, chili covered lettuces and Toge(Bean Sprout).


This is my favourite. Its the Tonkatsu Kimbap. I read that it was amazing that was why we ordered it and I am really obsessed with Tonkatsu. It tasted good although I really wanted to taste more Katsu. This only cost P250 and it’s more than enough for two people. It could probably be good for three people or depending on how much you guys eat.

This one tastes so good. Another favourite. It’s the Bulgogi Kimbap and it only cost P170 and again, it’s more than enough for two people but with us, we need more. I could eat this all day. I just disappointed that only two rolls had the fruit. Sad but still yummy.

We also had the Spicy Chicken which cost P210. Not really worth ordering, It tasted so ordinary. I’m sure it tasted like tocino with sesame seeds. For drinks, I had Acapulco Breeze which cost P140 and Catalina Sunrise for her which cost P110. The Acapulco tasted so much like a banana shake. It’s actually a combination of mango, banana and vanilla. I vaguely tasted the mango. My best friend definitely got obsessed with Catalina, it’s a combination of strawberry, banana and mango. She said it tasted more like strawberry shake which in my opinion, is better.


Would I recommend this place? Yes, I would. In terms of price, it’s perfect. We only spent like P800 all in all which I believe is a great deal already. The food may not be too perfect but it’s worth the price and I definitely enjoyed it. The place is great for those who just wanna chill and talk but make sure to arrive at lunch time coz at around 5:30ish, it gets busy. I’ll most probably go back here with my family next time.


105-R Mother Ignacia Corner Sct. Madrinan Street,
South Triangle, Tomas Morato,
Quezon City 1100