Communeaty Food Park

Food Parks are my kind of parks.

Food parks are my guilty pleasures. Not only are they affordable but they are becoming homes of the best food stalls that serves delicious and Instagram-worthy foods.

Need I say more?

I had the chance to visit one of the newest and only food park in Tomas Morato with my bestfriend and I was delighted that it sits just around the neighborhood. How cool is that? This park is just along the Alejandro Roces Avenue so it wouldn’t be hard to miss.


This place opens at 12 noon but my bestfriend and I took the risk to go here at around 5. We thought it would be completely packed with no place to sit anymore but we were really glad that we went just before people started coming.
If you’re someone who lives near the neighborhood, I suggest you take the cab because there’s not much parking space. The front of the food park can only accommodate few cars and if you’re driving a jeep or SUV then you’ll have even more hard time to fit it in.
I had to park my car few walks away and the road was too narrow so I got a little stuck before I was able to park properly. I also was a little anxious all throughout the night because there was no guard on the area where I parked my car and it was a little dark.
P.S. I really would like to applaud their Facebook page because they answer to queries really quick which helped a lot especially for a first time visitor like me. #Yay



This place got packed when we were about to go home at around 10. The bar is upstairs in an airconditioned room. We tried to get a seat upstairs just outside the bar but the security guard told us that it’s exclusive for people who would drink. We could sit there and bring our food if we want but we have to buy something at the bar which we didn’t do so off we went downstairs.
When we were able to secure a spot in the middle, which is the perfect spot because it is a lot cooler, literally cooler, we started food hopping.

The first food stall that caught our sight first was this little thing with their banner that says ALL YOU CAN.  Not a big fan of shrimp but I am really down for some tempura madness especially with such low price.

But as much as we wanted to get our fix of unlimited tempuras, we didn’t want to get full soon and would want to try other stalls too. So, we ordered the Tempura Bucket. It was delicious and addicting.  The downside for this  stall is that during our visit, the vendor told us that they don’t have everything that is on the menu. The tempura duo, chili cheese and ika fry weren’t available which sucks bigtime because we really were craving for some fried chilis and onion rings. But hey, I was not complaining with the tempura bucket.


Next on the list is this little taste of street food. They have a variety of street foods and they also sell grilled corn cobs. We ordered barbecue for P60 a stick and it was good. Although I was expecting vinegar for the sauce, they gave us something else that could be a Mang Tomas. I can’t really tell because I didn’t taste it. Just really not perfect for barbecue.
I really like their concept of incorporating the infamous pedicab or bicycle because it really suits their theme. Almost as if they just arrived after maglako.
Here at the Barrel Smoker, we ordered their must-try and bestselling Pulled Pork Nachos. It was delicious and I love the amount of serving it has. It is perfectly good for 3 to 4 people for just an affordable price.
This stall satisfied my Japanese cravings. I had been craving for a maki and I was so glad their maki tasted so good although I was looking for the wasabi which seemed to be missing. It was also one of their bestsellers and I definitely know why. It’s actually my favourite stall here. The maki only costed me P160 for six pieces.
Last but not the least on our list is this Mexican food stall. Just really sad I wasn’t able to take a picture of the entire stall but hey, their props are so creative and colorful.
What we ordered and enjoyed here was the cheesy Quesadillas. The cheese was melting in the soft pita. It was just perfect.
We also ordered fish ‘n chips from It’s a Good Friday. Too bad I forgot to take a picture. Anyway, their fish was yummy. It melts in your mouth and the dip was good too.
Got us some pink lemonade for P50 to wash down our food. Just sad that they don’t have enough stalls for drinks. Would be nice to have some shake.


All of these heavenly goodness treats only costed us P970.

Tempura Bucket – P115
California Maki – P160
Pulled Pork Nachos – P165
2 Barbecues – P120
Quesadillas – P180
Fish ‘n Chips – P130
2 Pink Lemonades – P100


We totally enjoyed going here and would most probably go back again and again and again.


CommunEATy Food Park

Opens from 12PM until 12PM
120 Don A. Roces Avenue
Quezon City