Singapore Authentic Products

It’s not exactly a secret that a lot of people are obsessing over online shopping. I must admit, I belong to those “a lot of people”. I mean, how can we not love shopping online? It’s the definition of convenience and most of the time, it’s a lot cheaper.

This is not my first time to try it out but it’s definitely my first time to shop makeup products online. And this time, I chose to try out makeups that look exactly like the real ones. I don’t know if I can call them dupes but most people just call them Singapore Authentic Makeup Products. They are waaay cheaper than the actual ones. Buying them will be like getting 70% discount or more. So it’s not a surprise that people are hooked!

I follow a few online stores on Instagram and I came across to this store called MakeupHolics or something. Below are the products that I got for a discounted price. They are the “Beginner’s Set” and they only cost P900 + sf of P99.


It’s just really sad that I wasn’t able to choose the shade of this foundation. I used it once and it’s really creamy which is perfect for contouring but a no-no for those who are oily skinned like me. They kinda leaves your face greasy.


This dipbrow pomade is the main reason I ordered online. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the ABH dipbrow pomade so when I learned that there’s this one from Singapore, I was psyched.


I really like this product because there’s the consistency that I am looking for and the shade is just right. Not too dark. The only downside for pomades is that they tend to harden which is a deal breaker so what I do is I put a small drop of sunflower oil and to be honest, it works absolutely great with it. I don’t have an elixir so I just use the only beauty oil that I own.

It comes with a spoolie brush but I kinda lost it. It’s actually the perfect brush because it’s thin and just the right size.


The logo of ABH kinda faded away and I’m guessing this does not happen to the real one.


These are my first-ever lip creams and I am just so in love with the shades. I actually bought the ABH from a store in a mall and the rest are from online. And dang, the smell of these lip creams are incredible. They smell like chocolate. I am addicted to their smell.

My most favourite is the ABH. It’s in the shade Crush and it’s the perfect medium pink lip cream. It looks like a blushing pink but when you apply it, it looks like a combination of pink and plum. It gets darker actually.

The next one is the Nyx Lingerie in the shade Exotic. I love it too. When I ordered it, I kinda thought that it’s a bit paler kind of a nude but it’s not. It’s actually a bit brownish with a combination of plum too. Just a tiny hint of plum and it’s gorgeous on my lips especially than I’m a little bit of tan-skinned person so it fits perfectly.

The other lip cream is the L.A Girl Matte in the shade 02. This one for me is way more on the darker side. I wasn’t able to pick the shade. This shade is the default shade in the set so I have to deal with it. It’s not really disappointing because I love it too. It has a tiny bit of a similarity to the Nyx’ Exotic shade but a tad more darker. It’s almost like it’s plum for me but most people would say it looks like a brown shade.


This one came as a surprise for me. I’ve been hearing about this Kissproof product. It’s a like a crayon kind of a lipstick. It’s in the shade 12 and it’s totally plum to violet kind of shade. When I got it I really thought it was broken or something because I tried to use it like a regular lipstick where I twist the end part to see how long it is and it didn’t work. I later learned from the merchant that like a pencil, I have to use this giant sharpener which I didn’t get with it. Sucks.


I have nothing bad to say to these lip creams because they’re gorgeous and they don’t fade away easily which is harder when you try to remove them especially with water.


This paddle brush is perfect for concealing your under eye and for contouring because of how small it is. It’s actually my first time to use this because I’m not really crazy about these paddle brushes and it just came with the set. For this one, it glides smoothly on my face. The bristles are soft and it’s so easy to wash.

But if anyone asks me if I prefer this to the regular brush and beauty blender, I’d say I’ll stick the old fashion brush and sponge because I’m just really not used to using this.


I have nothing against products like these that totally copies the real ones because let’s be honest, the real version of these ones are just so expensive and buying these version is like the practical way. But we just really have to be extremely cautious with these products since they are just copies (lol.) and we really don’t know what is in them and they could really harm our skin bigtime especially for the sensitive ones like me.

I still suggest that you guys buy the real ones or if they are too expensive for your budget, try looking for the dupes. Remember, it doesn’t matter what brand of makeup you use, what matters is that you know how to do makeup.