thoughts on l'oreal true match liquid foundation

Note: I used natural light so the pictures may not appear to have similar brightness or color.

FINDING THE PERFECT SHADE OF foundation is definitely the biggest challenge all of us battles. Few years back, beauty brands had no available shades for all skin tones, so we, sadly, settled for something far from closer.

I remember when I first took interest in makeup, I eagerly went to the mall and looked for a local drugstore foundation and found only two shades available; natural and light. And since I was in a fruitful age of fifteen and was completely clueless with everything about makeup, I thought that these two shades are the only shades in the world, and since I am Asian, and have yellow undertone, not to mention uneven skin tone, I was even more confused. So, I opted for the natural shade, thinking it was the right one for me. Boy, was I so wrong. The shade was nowhere close to mine and even though it says natural, it turned out to be too light than it was supposed to be. And honey, contouring, blending and all those other stuff didn’t ring a bell to me before.


Looking back now, I am so glad I have enough knowledge to prevent that nightmare from happening again. And thanking heavens for the beauty brands who have such kind hearts and are now offering us more than five shades in the counter.

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I used to use Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation but later noticed that my skin is at it’s oiliest when I use it so, I switched brands and found L’oreal True Match. Finding it was like the best thing ever. It has so many shades and completely compliments the Filipina skin.

I bought the shade G3 Golden Vanila but I won’t stick it to it for so long because I believe the shade twice lighter than it would suit me best. This shade is just a tiny bit darker for me.

I would like to start with the bottle. I seriously love the packaging. Some of the foundations I find ,especially drugstores, have plastic bottles which makes it unappealing and cheaper than it already is. L’oreal’s rectangular bottle is beautiful and expensive-looking. I like that this foundation comes with a pump but I am completely frustrated that the bottle is difficult to pop open which would be a problem later on when it’s on its emptiest. Hopefully, it would bear with me.

It doesn’t really have a particular smell, nothing chemically unlike the Wet ‘N Wild PhotoFocus. What I instantly noticed with this foundation is that there’s a hint of glitter which scared me at first. I mean, I love glitter eyeshadows, lipsticks and highlight but foundation? A total no. But fortunately, when you apply it there’s no glitter at all. Plus, it has SPF 16.

What I love about it is that it is super blendable and breathable. It glides on your skin so smoothly because I used to have a foundation, a liquid one, that is a bit sticky and you can feel that it’s on your skin but this one is far from it. I have tried using both brush and beauty blender on it, and it worked very well.

In terms of coverage, it’s on the medium level for my skin. I don’t have a perfect smooth skin. I have few red spots and marks from pimples, and open pores, and having a good coverage in a foundation is a huge, huge plus for me.

thoughts on l'oreal true match liquid foundation



After (Just the foundation)

I put the foundation twice on my face and you can still see the marks of dry pimples. But despite that, my face looks smoother. If you have a good concealer with you (which I still don’t have) and powder, I believe the marks and spots would be less visible.

Also, I use this product on a daily basis and I’m usually indoors with cold temperature, and before I switched skincare products, my face still got too oily especially my T-zone even though I packed powder on it. I had to blot it every four hours which really sucked but now that I have different skincare products for oily skin, I noticed that all throughout the day in the office (9 whole hours), I only need to blot my face ONCE.

thoughts on l'oreal true match liquid foundationthoughts on l'oreal true match liquid foundationthoughts on l'oreal true match liquid foundation

My final thoughts? This foundation is worth the buck. It has a dewy finish on the face which would be perfect for those who have DRY AND NORMAL SKIN.

I won’t recommend this to those who have really OILY SKIN because it would only make your skin oilier. Maybe the Pro Matte would would suit you best, though.

I hope I helped you a guys a lot and would love to hear from you!