Trouble with Flirting by Claire Lazebnik

Franny’s supposed to be working this summer, not flirting. But you can’t blame her when guys like Alex and Harry are around. Franny Pearson never dreamed she’d be attending the prestigious Mansfield Summer Theater Program. And she’s not, exactly. She’s working for her aunt, the resident costume designer. But sewing her fingers to the bone does give her an opportunity to spend time with her crush, Alex Braverman. If only he were as taken with the girl hemming his trousers as he is with his new leading lady. When Harry Cartwright, a notorious flirt, shows more than a friendly interest in Franny, she figures it can’t hurt to have a little fun. But as their breezy romance grows more complicated, can Franny keep pretending that Harry is just a carefree fling? And why is Alex suddenly giving her those deep, meaningful looks? In this charming tale of mixed messages and romantic near-misses, one thing is clear: Flirting might be more trouble than Franny ever expected.

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Basically, I’m in love with this book. I can’t quite remember how I came across with it but I sure remember visiting a local bookstore and finding this book like 90% off (I know, I can’t still believe it) and it’s the only copy left so yeah, I was squealing like a pig, hugging the book so tight as if someone would try to steal it and took a picture of myself with it. What? I got excited. It’s 90% off baby! What’s not to get your panties in a twist?

All I can say is, this book is something you’d love to crack open while you’re enjoying a cup of tea and a plate of muffin or brownies coz it’s the perfect book for that kind of mood. It’s light and sweet, underrated but oh-so fluffy and funny kind of contemporary. It would give you mix of emotions like you just don’t know what do anymore, it’s like you want to jump inside the book.

“You know, if you’re going to take me aside when I’m behaving badly, I may start behaving worse. Just to get some attention from you.”

Obviously it’s a typical teen romance book, you know the whole girl has a huge crush with this gorgeous guy but then he likes this girl who is bestfriend with this equally gorgeous guy who happens to be a bad boy who falls with the first girl. So yeah, it’s like a giant love square/triangle. And teens could defo relate with the characters at some point. There’s drama, swoon-worthy guys, jealousy, cuteness and girls who hates other girls. What’s not to like?

I definitely love the friendship between Isabela and Harry. They’re like friendship goals. They’re so sweet in a friendly way. Franny’s character is just so indecisive, gullible and too blinded with “love”. I mean, c’mon girl, Alex is obviously just screwing you, playing with your feelings so move on and just kiss Harry!

From the very beginning, I knew I wouldn’t like Alex. There is just something about him that screams “trouble!”. And of course, my gut feeling was right. I definitely hate him. I mean, it has been what two years since I have read this and every time I remember him, I still have that feeling of wanting to strangle him and knee him in the balls for being such a jerk.

I like Isabela’s character. I think it suites her name, she’s pretty but defo strong. She may be a little bratty but she at least knows what she wants. The girl knows how to stake her claim.

Marie’s character is definitely good. She’s an effective antagonist. She totally fires up the whole drama thing. I hate her so much too. She’s the kind of girl I’d love to shave the hair off. And even though she’s the most hated (because let’s face it, she came between my Franny-Harry ship!), she helped Franny’s character to get her feelings straight. And of course, Harry’s character. Sweet, romantic, caring, completely cute Harry. Who wouldn’t fall in love with his character? He’s the gorgeous friendzoned guy. He’s the kind of friend you’d love to be BFFs with and the kind of guy you want your parents to meet. And his love-hate relationship with Franny is just too cute.

Obviously, I recommend this to everyone who wants to get rid of their stress and wants a new crush (Harry!). I recommended it to all of my friends and so far, they love it as well. I’ve heard good reviews about Epic Fail so I’d probably try to read that next.