Thoughts On Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

THERE ARE MANY TIMES WHEN I just jump into bed after a tiring day at work or a fun night out with my girlfriends  without taking my clothes off and then dragging myself off the bed because I had to remove my makeup. The very thought of just removing it and washing my face after is just simply too much of a work for me and I just wish that I could sleep it off without worrying pimples sprouting on my face the very next day. But the sad reality is, you gotta take that makeup (that took you hours to do) off or it’ll be hell when you wake up.


Recently, I came across Micellar Water, a product that the whole internet is going gaga over for quite some time. Apparently, this product is somewhat a combination of makeup remover and facial cleanser. And here’s the catch, you no longer need to wash your face after using this product. Amazing, right?

I’ve seen quite a number of famous beauty brands like Maybelline, L’oreal and Bioderma who has this product but Garnier is  the brand that stood the most in terms of the effectivity. So, I took it upon myself to test it out to see if the reviews were true and luckily, this product is available in our local supermarket for a very affordable price.

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The product claims that it removes makeup, cleanses and mattifies, and perfect for combination and oily skin. And since I have such oily skin, I was really looking forward on testing it out.

Thoughts: I’ve used this product for a week and it actually removes makeup. It’s lightweight, no weird or funny feeling or smell on the face. I use facial towels with this product and have to pour twice or thrice to thoroughly cleanse my face but it depends on how much product is getting on the towel. In terms of mattifying, I don’t feel any difference. It doesn’t really mattify. Also, I tried to sleep, no washing of my face, and woke up the next day with no breakouts or rash. It actually make things better for me especially when I have no time to wash my face and just want to rest.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I do. It doesn’t really break the bank and it’s worth the money.

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