Anne Wndr Favourites: Liquid Lippies

Who knew liquid lipsticks can be so dang obsessing?

Nowadays, liquid lipsticks are making such huge buzz everywhere. I’ve seen quite a few up and coming makeup lines that focused more on launching liquid lipsticks before any product and let me tell you, they only heighten my obsession.

But before gushing on and on, I’d like to clarify that this post is not, at all cost, sponsored by the products that will be mentioned. I’m just a fan and and an avid consumer like any of you.

Now back to gushing. I’ve been googling and looking through reviews on blogs and vlogs of the best brown and pink nudes, and after a long search, I couldn’t be any happier to have them.


Lime Crime Velvetines: Bleached

One thing I’ve been looking for is a good rosy nude shade that would best fit me who, by the way, has a medium tone. Luckily, I learned about limecrimes from my all time favourite youtuber, Cosmobyhaley. She used it in one of her tutorials and since then, I’ve been nuts about it. It doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips and it doesn’t dry out too easily which is good for liquid lippie beginners like me who are still learning the art of perfectly applying it without the smudges and uneven application. The only downside of this product is that it’s not easy to find because I believe that there are no direct sellers of this product. Thank god for Instagram!

Of all Limecrime shades, Bleached stole my heart. It is the perfect rosy nude hue that I have been looking for that actually suits my skin tone. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t stay too much on my lips. If I want it to stay longer, I have to prevent myself from drinking and eating or else, bye bye rosy nude lips.


Anastasia Beverly Hills: Milkshake & Dolce

I’ve mentioned it before how much I love the smell of these ABH and Nyx’s liquid lippies. They smell divine and by divine I mean delicious. They smell like liquid chocolates. It takes so much self control for me to not lick my lips whenever I put them on.

I love the wand of ABH because I can easily apply the lipstick without fearing it being uneven on my lips. Like the lime crime, this, too, is also lightweight.

I love these shades a lot. Milkshake is like rosy nude shade, it is a little darker than Lime Crime Bleached but still gives the perfect subtle pink lips. I love matching it with my Maybelline Baby Lips Glow in Mixed Berry because the color pops out even more and I can easily apply it on my lips because of the moisture. Dolce, on the other hand, is the lighter version of ABH’s Crush. It looks a lot darker on medium tones like me compared to fair skin but I definitely love it a lot. I don’t normally wear anything too darker on the daily basis but this one is an exemption. The darkness of it is not too out there on your face and it’s really gorgeous.

In terms of how long they last on the lips, I can say it comes second to Nyx. It doesn’t wear off too easily. I use these whenever I go out. I actually wore it when I visited CommunEATy food park and let me tell you, it lasted the whole night and I was eating and I even went out for a milktea after and it didn’t smudge at all. Although there was a tiny hint of it on the straw,it looked totally intact on my lips. I didn’t need to reapply which made it so recommendable.


Nyx Lingerie: Bedtime Flirt, Push Up & Baby Doll

These babies are my favourite brown nudes at the moment. They make look too light in the picture but they actually are not. It’s probably the lighting. Anyway, what I love about these is that they stay all day and night even when I try washing them off, they don’t come oout easily unless I use a makeup remover. They look marvelous on medium skin. There are shades that makes morena’s lips too dull and dry but these doesn’t.

My most favourite of the three is the Bedtime flirt. It’s on the darker side of brown and I just love it. Bedtime flirt and Push up are like mauvey brown shades. It looks punky, if that’s even a word. Baby doll on the other hand is way too lighter even for medium skin. But it actually works on me. I love how light the shade of it. It doesn’t look like a concealer on the lips because trust me, there are shades like that but not this one.