A Guide to Good Brows


LET’S BE HONEST, achieving the perfect brows can be a real pain in the ass and when you thought you got it all together, you look at yourself in the mirror again and you think to yourself, they are not even close to being sisters.

It actually took me my whole college years to figure out how to work on my eyebrows. I started doing them when I was in my second year because I noticed girls have good eyebrows and mine were so scattered, untrimmed and just plain ungroomed.  I had my eyebrows done in a salon and it was horrible. It turned out to be too thin and it didn’t look good on my face but I used that mistake to get the eyebrow shape that I want. I grew them again and just plucked the unnecessaary hairs. But that didn’t mean I suddenly became an eyebrow guru. I  was still bad at doing them. I used the wrong products and I still had little knowledge on how to groom them. I used to have oh-so-fake eyebrows. The kind of brows that screamed “I drew them”. It was the worst nightmare and it still hunts me. But thank God I finally got better (Yay for Youtube!)

So, feel free to follow my step by step guide in achieving good brows.

Step 1

Make an outline of the eyebrow shape that you want to achieve. You may use white eyeliner as a guide. And since I had thin eyebrows before, I just grew them out and plucked the hairs scattered around.

Step 2

Grab a spoolie brush and brush the hairs of your brows upward. Take an eyebrow scissor and just gently trim the excess hair. Eyebrow hairs especially the ones in the middle do grow quite lengthy so we gotta make sure they are nicely trimmed.

Step 3

After grooming and trimming, you now have the shape that you want and it is now time for outlining the real thing. Personally, I graduated from using pencil when it comes to outlining my eyebrows. I now use the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade in the shade Ebony but in this tutorial, I used Maybelline Fashion Brow Pencil in the shade Gray. It is more subtle than black because black gives such heavily look for your eyebrows and also, if you’re like me who has thick eyebrows, like no more filling in, then I recommend using gray.

Step 4

After outlining, I used a brow powder from Nichido to fill the sparse areas. I wanted to achieve a fuller brows so I kinda filled it in a little bit more. Always fill in the tail or arch to balance it out. The spot in the middle of yout eyes don’t need too much filling in. Leaving them almost a complete blank gives more of a natural look.

Step 5

Grab that spoolie again and brush your eyebrows like tracing the shape to make sure the products are distributed equally and fully.

Step 6

To make your eyebrows stay in place, use an eyebrow gel or a clear mascara.

Step 7

Lastly, to make your brows look sharper aand clean, use a concealer and outline the outside.