How to Achieve a Simple Sparkly Makeup Look

I AM NO EXPERT when it comes to makeup but I try my best to practice whenever I get the chance. And since I am a fan of sparkles and glitters, I decided to create a simple makeup look that beginners, like I, can definitely achieve.

Below are the brushes that I used.

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Now, follow my step by step guide to create the look.

Step 1

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First, put a  CC cream before priming to reduce the redness or improve the color of your skin tone. Unlike the BB cream, CC is sheerer and you can mix it with your foundation for instant coverage.

Let the cream sit on your face for a minute before putting the primer. Put a small pea sized amount on your finger and gently rub it on your face especially on your T-zone. After that, pump your foundation thrice on the back of your hand and apply it using a brush  or a damp beauty blender (I skipped the concealer because fortunately, I didn’t have any pimples that time). Blend the foundation a little more on the area beside your nose to reduce the appearance of pores (that is if you have open pores like me).

Step 2

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Apply concealer under your eyes, forehead and bridge of your nose to highlight the main points of your face. Using a brush, lightly put a bronzer on your cheekbones, below your hairline and on the side of your nose, and lightly blend everything out. The key to a proper contour is to blend.

After blending, start baking. Not cookies nor brownies but your face. It is one of my favourite things to do aside from contouring because it makes the contour on my cheekbones sharper, main points of my face is more highlighted and the cream products on my face are more in place.

Now, let the powder sit on your face for like a minute before brushing it out. After all of that, lightly apply blush on your cheeks. Don’t be too harsh on the blush because you don’t wanna look like a clown.

Step 3

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Start with your eyebrows first. You may use a pomade or brow powder. To make the products on your brows stay in place, you may use eyebrow gels or a clear mascara. Just make sure that you don’t overdraw your eyebrows. Make it as natural looking as possible.

On the eyes, lightly blend the bronzer on your crease to give a little bit of definition. Next, apply a glittery  eyeshadow on the center. You may put as many as you want if you want to achieve a more sparkly and popping eyes. Then curl your lashes and put your favourite mascara. And for a more defined and volumized lashes, you may put eyelash extensions. I used thinner ones to create a more natural look. Then wing it, girl.

Step 4

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Lastly, the highlight of this look is my favourite Lime Crime liquid lipstick color, bleached. It has a pinkish nude tone that makes the whole look fun, flirty and girly. But you may put on your favourite lipstick or it can be a liquid lipstick. I applied petroleum jelly first because I wanted to give my lips much added moisture to prevent my lips from drying out.

Step 5

Take a selfie. Appreciate what you have done because you deserve it. Great job, hun.

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